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YAM Blog

YAM is a wellness studio that offers the complementary therapies of yoga, infrared heat, and massage. We provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where people of all ages, physical conditions, and fitness levels can optimize their body’s capacity to heal and strengthen. The shared benefits of yoga practice, infrared heat, and therapeutic massage increase circulation, improve range of motion, boost immune function, reduce pain, and deeply relieve tension in the body. Our goal is to provide you with a warm space to de-stress, to explore and enhance your connection with your body, and to strengthen your foundation of physical and mental wellbeing.

At YAM, we understand that every body comes with its own story. As highly skilled and certified practitioners, we exercise compassion and precision in meeting you where you are to work within your range of challenge and comfort. Together we learn to be compassionate with ourselves as we stretch beyond our perceived limits; to be present with our breath and allow this moment to be exactly as it is; and to open our minds to new possibilities in the way we relate to our bodies. Whether you are a serious athlete or a recuperating senior, suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury, looking to strengthen or to heal, YAM is here to support your investment in health-fueled happiness.