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YAM Integrative Massage

60 minute – $97    
90 minute – $137    
120 minute – $177

Enjoy a massage customized to your needs with one of our experienced massage therapists. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind with light to moderate pressure or recharge your body with a more substantial touch designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress, our therapists can accommodate your needs. 

Complimentary essential oils are available with each massage to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 



Pregnancy Massage

Relief from prenatal discomfort. Increases blood and lymph circulation, reduces swelling and stress on weight-bearing joints, and generates compassionate body awareness.


Couples Massage

Couples massage can be used as a way for you and a partner, loved one or friend, to spend quality time together. Also if a friend or partner is attending (massage) for his/her first time this is a great way to help them feel more at ease.


Benefits to Massage Therapies

– Accelerate recovery from injury, surgery, and trauma
– Manage chronic and acute pain
– Release patterns of held stress in the body
– Prevent atrophying of under-used muscles
– Prevent tightening and soreness in overused muscles
– Alleviate muscle pain, discomfort, spasm, tension, and congestion
– Improve range of motion and flexibility
– Aid circulation of blood and lymph
– Boost immune function
– Remove the harmful bi-products of metabolism and inflammation
– Soothe anxiety, depression, and restore balance to the nervous system
– Revitalize energy levels
– Increase body awareness to prevent re-injury
– Develop a more positive, compassionate relationship with your body

Wood Therapy Massage

Wood therapy is a vigorous massage technique that uses handheld wooden tools on different areas of the body. The tools are used to break down fat and cellulite, promote blood circulation, and smooth the skin. These techniques work with the lymphatic system to aid in the elimination of toxins from the body. Although more fast paced than your typical massage session, this treatment can still be quite relaxing as it can help reduce stress and alleviate tight muscles. 
Special massage oil used with antioxidants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help tone the skin.
60 minute – $117
90 minute – $157
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Massage Add-Ons

Cupping Therapy – $20

Dry Fire Cupping is traced back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures. It’s purpose is to enhance circulation, help relieve muscle pain, remove heat and pullout toxins that linger in the tissues. This therapy releases endorphins and serotonin that promotes relaxation. 

Hot Stones –  $20

Smooth basalt stones are heated in water and placed on the body to encourage the release of muscle tension and stiffness. Deeply soothing and relaxing.

Body Brushing – $15

Your therapist will use a clean dry brush with firm natural bristles and brush you with sweeping, sometimes circular, motions in the direction of your heart. Brushing invigorates your senses, boosts your circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. The brush is yours to take home.

Hand, Foot, or Back Scrub -$15

You may add a peppermint or apricot scrub to any massage service. The therapist will provide a rejuvenating scrub to your hands, feet or back and towel off the area with warm damp towels.

Salt Mist Therapy – $20

Salt therapy involves breathing in air with micro salt particles that are easily absorbed into the body and lungs. This treatment has been known to help clients with asthma, breathing conditions, skin conditions, allergies, hay fever, sleep apnea, depression, acne, SAD,snoring and psoriasis. Simply lay back, relax, and allow the salt properties to naturally penetrate your body during your visit.

Bhringaraj Hair Oil Treatment – $15

Supports healthy hair growth, and tranquility for the body and mind. The oil treatment supports natural color and luster of the hair and healthy skin.

Franny’s CBD – $20

Enhance your massage with 600mg CBD Isolate Massage oil, enriched with golden hemp seed oil and calendula oil. CBD oil gently soothes tension, relieves stress, and promotes a sense of overall well-being.

KT Tape – $15 [1 area]    $25 [2 areas]

KT Tape is a thin, flexible tape that was developed to aid muscle movement and enhance athletic performance. It is often used to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation and provide support to joints and muscles.

Body Wraps & Scrubs

60 minute – $117    

Apricot Seed Body Polish

Enjoy a relaxing body scrub with your choice of our therapeutic Essential Oil blends mixed in.  Choose one of 4 oil formulas:  Relaxing, Firming, Detoxification, or Sore Muscle.  After receiving the exfoliating scrub,  you will be wrapped in a warm infrared sauna blanket.

Peppermint Scrub

An invigorating oil free exfoliating treatment for hands, feet & body. Our signature sea salt-based scrub stimulates and exfoliates the skin, improves texture, unclogs pores, and prepares the skin for improved penetration of butter creams and lotions. 

Seaweed Wrap

First you may choose exfoliation with a body brush, or the body polish.  Then, A warm seaweed based gel is painted over your body.  As you rest in our infrared sauna blanket, the wrap works to pull toxins from the body, and moisturize with a complex blend of organic oils.  

Mud Wraps

First you will receive a dry brush exfoliation of your body.  Then we will apply a warm bentonite clay mask over your body.  You will then relax in our infrared sauna blanket, while the mask works to pull toxins out of your body.  


Scrub & Massage Combo 

120 minute – $197

Choose any scrub and add a massage to your treatment. Two hours of blissful self-care.
Two options! 
60 minute massage: 
25 minute scrub, followed by a 25 minute scalp massage while you’re wrapped in an infrared blanket. 10 minutes to shower, then an hour long massage. 
90 minute massage: 
10 minute scrub, followed by a 10 minute scalp massage while you’re wrapped in an infrared blanket. 10 minutes to shower, then an hour and a half long massage. 

Infrared Sauna

60 minute sessions

One Person – $37

Two People – $57 

Infrared saunas aid in detoxification by helping your body rid itself of toxins such as mercury and lead that build up over time.

Benefits of infrared saunas include detoxification, relaxation, reducing depression, improving heart function, weightless, skin purification, improved blood circulation, pain relief, and increased immune functioning and healing.




with Gisele

featuring Naturopathica



YAM SIGNATURE FACIAL  (60 min)  – $107

This facial is customized using our essential skin care treatment products selected for your specific needs.      Each facial varies as all skin is different. This one hour skin therapy will include cleansing, ozone steam, exfoliation, extraction, therapeutic facial massage and rejuvenating mask to finish.


This holistic balancing treatment brings life back to skin. Customised for men’s skin care needs this facial effectively renews skin texture and tone, detoxifies, soothes and reveals a healthy younger looking skin. Includes relaxing detoxifying facial and scalp massage.

DERMAPLANE FACIAL (60 min)  – $125

Our Dermaplane facial is a physical exfoliation method to scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells added to our custom facial for a brighter, smoother complexion.

DERMAPLANE (30 min)  – $80

Dermaplane is a physical exfoliation method to scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving a brighter smoother complexion.


Teen Facial (45 min)  – $87

This facial is custom to each individuals needs. It includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, gentle extractions and a healing mask to help with oil balance and hydration.
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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It can be done either hands on or hands off and works to release energy blocks and balance chakras. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing that can benefit anyone.

Reiki treats a person as a whole—body, emotions, mind, and spirit. For more information please visit’s FAQ.

Two hands emanating healing energy.

YAM Reiki Offerings

Reiki 60 minute – $87

During this 60 minute session, we will do general energy work to promote relaxation, stress/anxiety relief, and focus on any areas you feel need attention. Chakras will be balanced and we will save 5-10 minutes at the end to talk over anything that came up during the session.

Reiki 90 minute – $127

This more in depth session allows us to dive deep into areas of focus you feel need more attention as well as take our time over anything that may come up during the session. This includes balancing your chakras and having extended time at the end to go over anything that stood out to you as well as methods to help hold on to your peace even after your session is over.

Hypnotic Sleep Massage & Sleep Counseling

with Rebekah

90 minute – $157  
120 minute – $187

Hypnotic Sleep Massage begins with a sleep assessment and the creation of your personalized sleep plan. Next, you’ll climb onto the warm table fully-dressed for an entrancing massage experience. We combine a rocking, rhythmic pressure with aromatherapy, music, and point work to kick start a better sleep pattern that night. Your session concludes with a soothing guided meditation.

Please note that this is a unique massage designed to engage your relaxation system. It does not include deep tissue techniques. However, if you select the Serene Sleeper Add-On you can turn any massage into a sleep massage.

Adult Sleep Coaching – 60 mins

Initial – $97   Follow-ups – $67

Become a serene sleeper with our simple yet effective sleep coaching method. We HELP you to get deeper, more serene sleep by employing the acronym “help”. H is for hygiene. E is for environment. L is for lifestyle. P is for prioritizing. By finding meaningful ways to tweak these fundamental sleep components, we set you up for sleep success that very night.

Serene Sleeper Add-On – 45 mins


Select this option to turn any massage into a sleep inspiring massage. Includes a sleep assessment, mini-coaching session and guided sleep meditation.