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Therapeutic Massage at YAM

Touch is an instinctive human response to pain. Compassion and support are given through touch. Therapeutic massage utilizes the power of touch to support health and healing. The deep relaxation that we associate with massage is only one of its many applications. Therapeutic massage is clinically proven to address a range of physical and emotional conditions from tissue-trauma and chronic pain to anxiety and exhaustion. At YAM, our highly skilled practitioners are trained in multiple techniques and take special care to assess your individual needs. Whether you are looking to relieve pain or simply unwind, we provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere that is conducive to healing and renewal.


Cupping Therapy at YAM

Dry Fire Cupping is traced back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures. It’s purpose is to enhance circulation, help relieve muscle pain, remove heat and pullout toxins that linger in the tissues. This therapy releases endorphins and serotonin that promotes relaxation. Contraindicated for people with bleeding disorders, cancer, pregnancy, varicose veins, heart disease and diabetes.

Benefits to Massage and Cupping Therapies

– Accelerate recovery from injury, surgery, and trauma
– Manage chronic and acute pain
– Release patterns of held stress in the body
– Prevent atrophying of under-used muscles
– Prevent tightening and soreness in overused muscles
– Alleviate muscle pain, discomfort, spasm, tension, and congestion
– Improve range of motion and flexibility
– Aid circulation of blood and lymph
– Boost immune function
– Remove the harmful bi-products of metabolism and inflammation
– Soothe anxiety, depression, and restore balance to the nervous system
– Revitalize energy levels
– Increase body awareness to prevent re-injury
– Develop a more positive, compassionate relationship with your body


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