Massage Therapist Profile: Emily Weir

A cornerstone of YAM’s business is its excellent massage therapists. Throughout all the challenges of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, our massage therapists have continued to provide excellent care to their clients. To show our appreciation for their dedication, we will be doing a blog series to profile each of our amazing therapists, so that you can get to know them better.

1. Mandy: How long have you been practicing massage therapy and what drew you to it?
Emily: I have only been practicing massage for a year and a half. Prior to that I was a Physical Therapy Assistant for 26 years. I was drawn to Massage Therapy because I felt I could help people address their pain in a more effective way. I have received Massage for over 20 years as a client, and always felt a connection to the practitioners and the art of Massage Therapy. I felt I was being called to learn the art.

2. MH: What do you like most about massage therapy?
EW: I like helping people. Sometimes a client will say to me that they have not felt so good in years, and I am thrilled that I could help them on their healing journey. I also love working for YAM. My coworkers are some of the kindest and compassionate people I have ever met. I feel like we are a family.

3. MH: What can potential clients expect from a massage with you?
EW: Potential clients can expect me to do my best to help them with pain and tension release. I am intuitively a deep tissue body worker. My techniques include myofascial release, trigger point release, stretching if desired, and manual muscle releases for specific muscle groups. It is actually challenging for me to give a flowing, light, relaxation massage, but I am working on it.

4. MH: As a massage therapist, you spend a lot of your energy taking care of others. What are your favorite self-care practices in order to give back to yourself?
EW: My self care regimen: I love hiking w/ my 2 rescue pups, paddling my kayak, and I volunteer a lot with an environmental clean-up group in the area. Lying in my hammock with a book on a pretty day is a favorite relaxation as well.

5. MH: What’s your favorite part of living in Hendersonville?
EW: I love Hendo because I am an outdoor enthusiast and there are so many beautiful places to explore here.

Emily has been working in health care for 26 years and recently decided to study and transition into Massage Therapy, Emily holds credentials in massage, allied health, and personal training. She has extensive clinical knowledge, pertaining to chronic pain, illness, and has worked primarily in Geriatrics.

Massage therapy has had a positive impact on her life. With compassion and kindness, therapists have helped her understand and manage her own pain, a gift she would like to pass on to others.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys hiking, kayaking, and volunteering for environmental causes. She currently resides in Hendersonville.