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Yoga at YAM

YAM is a full service yoga studio with classes and workshops for students of all experience levels from beginner to advanced. Our seasoned yoga instructors guide your practice skillfully to ensure safety, support, and optimal benefit. Classes at YAM are sized to allow each participant personal attention and care. YAM recognizes the incredible value of yoga as an evidence-based therapy to cultivate physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga is a dynamic, meditative form of exercise that can be adapted to benefit anyone, at any age, regardless of physical condition. Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to balance physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellbeing.

Evidence-based research recognizes numerous physical and mental health benefits of yoga including improved cardiovascular and respiratory function; reduced stress hormone levels in the body; strengthening of the body’s relaxation response; increased flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination; improved structural alignment and posture; decreased back, neck, and joint pain; anxiety reduction and improved mood.

Yoga Class Schedule

Please be sure to check the location of your class.

HOT: 95-105º  WARM: 85-95º  MILD: 75-85º

YAM Laurel Park is unheated.

*** vigorous | ** moderate  |* gentle