Yoga just the right thing for soon-to-be moms

Brianna Wiener

Brianna Wiener, a family nurse practitioner, was determined this time around not to pack on the 60 pounds she had gained during her first pregnancy.

Now 35 weeks pregnant, Brianna’s proud to say she hasn’t put on that extra baby weight, thanks in part to Summer Stipe’s Prenatal Yoga class at YAM.

“This was my first experience going to a live Yoga class. I used a prenatal Yoga video during my first pregnancy, which doesn’t compare to Summer’s class,” Brianna says. “Summer incorporates stretch poses, along with some light flow and breathing techniques into the class. She knows where we hurt from her own experience and targets those areas during class.

“After Summer’s class, I leave with a new sense of well-being. I feel less stressed, more energized and the pains in my lower back and hips and pelvis are much improved,” Brianna says.

Summer says Yoga is one of the best exercises a woman can do for her body, especially if she’s planning on giving birth naturally.

“The asanas, pranayama and meditation are incredible tools to help prepare the body and mind for carrying, and eventually birthing a baby,” Summer says. “My prenatal class is a gentle flow and includes some restorative and Yin poses.”

Brianna says Summer was a godsend a few weeks back when she and her husband and 2-year-old took a mini getaway to Atlanta.

“What was supposed to be a fun-filled trip to Atlanta turned into one of the worst vacations ever,” Brianna says. “We spent three days in a hotel room with a terribly sick child, and when we were driving home, headed for Summer’s class, I about had a breakdown.

“She was able to calm my nerves with her magic. She helped me release all my tension and stress and I felt like a new person on the way home. She showed me alternate nostril breathing that I now do at home when I feel overwhelmed,” Brianna says.

Summer says she wanted to offer a prenatal class at YAM because she, like others, would have to travel to Asheville for one.

“It is hard enough to fit in self-care while pregnant, so adding in travel time made it almost impossible,” Summer says. “I also dream of this class becoming a gateway to mamas to find community. It is hard to do life alone, especially while raising a tiny human, so if we can create a space for women to connect, we will have given them a beautiful gift.”