Why weight? Sean didn\’t, and lost 200 pounds

Sean L

Almost a year ago, Sean L. was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. His doctor told him that if he didn’t change his lifestyle and lose more than 100 pounds, he would die at a very young age.

“He promised that my health would decline rapidly, I may become blind and possibly lose my legs due to poor circulation,” says Sean, who at one time was morbidly obese, 200 pounds overweight. “After that sobering conversation, I decided I had to change my lifestyle.”

Now 200 pounds lighter, Sean can run five miles and hike 15 in a single day. He is in the normal weight range for his height, and has reduced his blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels dramatically.

Part of his transformation has been a healthy, plant-based diet and a variety of exercise, including mountain biking and his Yoga practice at YAM, especially the Hot 26 classes. He drives an hour from Spartanburg, S.C. to attend the 10 a.m. Saturday classes.

“I really look forward to my Saturday Hot 26 Yoga class to finish a week of activity,” says Sean, an Information Technology Director. “It helps keep my muscles flexible and aids my circulation.”

Sean has a simple answer when people ask him how he lost 135 pounds in 10 months. “I never told myself I had to lose 100 pounds or give up my favorite foods forever or that I had to work out one hour a day, every day,” says Sean, who gained the weight over many years due to a poor diet, inactive lifestyle and a professional life of working behind a desk.

Sean took it slow – concentrating on one day at a time.

“I feel so many people defeat themselves before they ever begin by focusing on the enormity of the task instead of breaking it into small, achievable goals,” he says.

He recommends YAM for its modern facilities and helpful instructors. He especially likes the padded flooring. “The padded floor is very helpful when working with my knees that have been sore because of my being overweight most of my life.

“I don’t have any particular goals when it comes to Yoga,” Sean says. “That’s what I like about it. You don’t need to assign a goal. Be in the moment and just enjoy the class.”