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Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness

What do I wear during a massage?

For a full body massage, you may undress completely or simply dress down to your comfort level. Only remove clothing that you are comfortable with removing. During a session, you will be fully covered with a sheet at all times except for the area that is being worked on.

Can I talk during a massage?

Sometimes we need to talk to feel safe or to unwind. It is okay to talk during a massage, but you can strengthen the benefits of a massage session if you practice letting go of your thoughts and focus on relaxed breathing and body awareness. It is of the utmost importance that you communicate any discomfort to your therapist.

Should a massage hurt?

Pressure is a source of relief in massage therapy. Comfortable pressure varies from person to person, from body part to body part, and changes with the presence of an injury. “Good pain” can be mild or intense but is still somehow welcome. “Bad pain” causes breath holding and muscle tensing. Intense discomfort triggers the body’s stress response, which is counterproductive to releasing tension. Your massage therapist cares about your sensory experience and you should feel empowered to ask for pressure changes.

How often should I receive a massage?

If you are receiving massage for an injury, you will probably need weekly massage until you reach your goal. If you are receiving massage for health maintenance, it largely depends on your preference. A weekly or monthly massage can make an incredible difference in overall health and stress levels.