Nancy Sloan’s passion for gardening has blossomed even more…

…Thanks to YAM’s massage therapist Tammy Thielemann

Nancy Sloan

Nancy Sloan’s passion for gardening has blossomed even more, thanks to YAM’s massage therapist Tammy Thielemann, who has eased Nancy’s chronic pain from Scoliosis.

“After my massages, I am more flexible and I can then spend  more time in my garden,” says Nancy, a retired New York native whose other hobby is singing with the Hendersonville Chorale. “She knows exactly what I need and when. She has many techniques and touches that make me feel secure.”

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine and the pain and stress it causes can be quite extreme and limit daily activities for Nancy and others who suffer from it, Tammy says.

“Esalen massage is a great tool to relieve the pain and stress associated with Scoliosis,” Tammy says. “It combines various techniques – specifically deep tissue, trigger point work, stretching and rhythmic strokes – to help relieve the tight muscles.”

Similar massages have been a Godsend for Nancy over the years.

When she moved to Henderson 10 years ago, she searched for a massage therapist and found Averee Refshauge, now YAM’s owner, who, at the time had her own massage business elsewhere.

They just clicked, Nancy says. “I would talk with Averee about all her plans for YAM and was excited for her to open her own yoga and massage studio,” Nancy says. “But to run a business, Averee needed to refer her clients to other therapists. She knew what kind of massage I needed and recommended Tammy, knowing she also would be perfect for me.”

“Tammy has changed my life,” says Nancy, who enjoys a weekly session. “Tammy and I have a love for each other that is priceless. The same with Averee.

“YAM has a wonderful community of massage and yoga practitioners who are caring and soulful,” Nancy says.