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Body Scrubs & Wraps

All Body Scrubs & Wraps are 60 minute treatments and are $117

Brown Sugar Body Scrub 

This is a good general moisturizing scrub.  It will help soothe your dry skin patches.

Matcha Green Tea Scrub

Matcha green tea is high in antioxidants, which is helpful for undoing UV damage to the skin and calms redness.  Matcha is beneficial for acne prone skin or rosacea.  This scrub has a neutral scent.   Essential oils can be added as desired. 

Rosehip Oil Scrub

Rosehip oil comes from the seed of the rose bush and is high in vitamins A and E.  This is helpful for bringing new skin cells to the surface for increased cell turnover.  This scrub has a neutral scent. Essential oils can be added.  

Lavender Essential Oil Scrub

A generic salt scrub, providing aroma therapy and relaxation.  Good as a solitary foot scrub add-on as well. 

Mud Body Wrap

Mud wraps have been used for centuries to clear the skin of impurities.  Our custom combination of bentonite clay, epsom salts, and natural oils will relax and soothe your muscles and skin.  Good for sensitive skin conditions.   

Bhringaraj Hair Oil Treatment (add-on * $27)

Supports healthy hair growth, and tranquility for the body and mind. The oil treatment supports natural color and luster of the hair and healthy skin.

Scrub & Massage Combo – $197

Choose any scrub and add a 60 minute massage to your treatment. Two hours of blissful self-care.

Scrub & Wrap Appointment Info

Thank you for choosing YAM Wellness Services.  We look forward to seeing you for your scheduled Body Scrub or Body Wrap.  It is our mission to make you feel pampered and comfortable during your visit.   

What to expect:  

The scrub or wrap treatments involve scrubbing your entire body with the scrub or wrap recipe of your choice.  It is easiest to perform these treatments completely disrobed, and we will keep you draped for modesty the entire session.  If you prefer to wear clothing, you may bring a bathing suit in which you feel comfortable.  We also have small disposable bikini underwear available for your use if needed. 

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.  

  • At the time of your appointment, one of our staff will escort you to the spa treatment room.  You will discuss the session to come.  
  • The therapist will leave you to get comfortable on the table and knock before returning. 
  • When the therapist returns, she will prepare your recipe.
  • If you receive the mud wrap, your skin will be exfoliated with a body brush first.  If you receive a scrub, exfoliation takes place during the treatment.
  • After scrubbing occurs, you will be wrapped up in a plastic or mylar sheet and wrapped in a sauna blanket.  
  • While you relax in the cozy blanket, our therapist will provide a relaxing scalp and neck massage, or hair oil treatment for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Then you will be assisted to our clean and enticing shower area to bathe yourself.   Soap and shampoo are provided.  
  • After your shower, you will lie down on the table to be gently slathered with massage or CBD cream . 

At the end of the session, your skin will feel soft and supple, your mind relaxed and rejuvenated.

Book your scrub or wrap today.