Yoga hits a high note for this singer

Laura Meherg

A little over a year ago, Laura Meherg Teel was single, living in Birmingham, Alabama, far away from family and running a small consulting practice, Wicker Park Group.

Talk about big changes in her busy life: Laura, 46, is now married for the first time, has two teenage step-daughters, two sets of aging parents and an extended family, all within 10 miles. She still travels a lot as a founding partner of her company, which helps large law firms understand and adapt to their clients’ needs.

Although she’s practiced Yoga for more than a decade to stay fit, Laura is now reaping other benefits from her practice. She is learning how to stay present in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.

“With an overflowing life as a business owner, caregiver and now an added family, I’ve had to really learn how to prioritize,” says Laura. “Exercise in general, yoga, meditation and prayer really help me to step away from things and discern what is truly essential. If I can stop for a while and just breathe, I can always find more clarity.”

When her busy schedule allows it, Laura practices at YAM at least twice a week, and has tried a variety of classes.

“No matter what class I attend, it always seems to provide exactly what I need for that day,” she says. “The thing I like best about YAM is that I don’t have to worry about being limited by the schedule. There are lots of options and, most importantly, it doesn’t matter who is teaching the class because all of the instructors are terrific.

“Each instructor has a distinct style and personality, but there is a consistency of excellence that I have not experienced with other studios,” Laura says.

When not working, Laura loves to travel, cook, read and hike with her two dogs, Georgia and Sandy. She calls herself a ‘light runner’ for a mile or two to rev up her cardio. She says Yoga has helped her recover from minor muscle strains and remain injury free.

Yoga – and her aging father, who suffers from Dementia – have given her a greater understanding of how important it is to be fully present in the moment.

“My father has always been a role model to me. He had a successful career at Ernst & Young, was involved in community, charity and church, a compassionate and caring leader, friend and employer,” Laura says. “Now that his short-term memory and much of his vocabulary is gone, he is still teaching me.

“He lives and enjoys every moment. He basks in the beauty of a clear blue sky, loves to watch children at play, walk his dogs and wants to be ‘helpful’ above all else. He is optimistic, joyful and grateful.

“Through my Yoga practice and time with my Daddy, I am able to let go of all the day-to-day stress and be more mindful about the here and now, fully present with my colleagues, family and friends and open to the gifts presented in every moment,” Laura says.