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Ayurveda is the traditional healing science of India.

It is a holistic approach to well being that sees health as harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Each individual is considered a unique being, with their own unique set of strengths and challenges. Ayurveda offers a common sense approach to living a healthier life with less suffering. It is about self-knowledge and self-discovery. It is about being an active participant in figuring out what can help you feel vibrant and alive.

Integrating Ayurveda into daily life can be beneficial for everyone.

A Wellness Consultation can address concerns including: improving digestion, restful sleep, energy levels, mental clarity, emotional balance, gentle cleansing and detoxifying, weight loss, healthy skin , stress relief, relaxation and rejuvenation of the entire body. A Wellness plan might include suggestions for diet, exercise, self-care routines, yoga, pranayama, meditation, herbal therapy and bodywork treatments.

We, here at YAM, seek to encourage and empower individuals on their own journey of self-healing. With the support to make better daily choices, it is possible to create positive, lasting changes that restore balance to the body & mind. Experiencing vitality and a better quality of life allows one to relax into the peacefulness of abiding in our true nature, in the Self.


90 minute initial consultation $120
60 minute follow up consultations $70

*disclaimer – An Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation will consider any imbalance through the viewpoint of Ayurveda. It is not intended to take the place of a Medical Evaluation or treatment by a Medical Doctor. An Ayurveda Wellness plan is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Ayurveda Body Treatments

Marma Therapy

Marma is a Sanskrit word which means sacred, or secret point. Marma therapy is a healing Ayurvedic practice focused on restoring balance to the system by allowing energy to flow more freely. These vital points are massaged, held, or anointed with essential oils to rejuvenate the body and mind. Marma therapy helps to relieve pain and tension, regulate the functions of the tissues and internal organs, detoxify the body, and calm the mind.


60 minute $75
90 minute $105