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Massage at Yam

Yam Integrative Massage

60 min. – $97    90 minute – $137    120 minute – $177

Enjoy a massage customized to your needs with one of our experienced massage therapists. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind with light to moderate pressure or recharge your body with a more substantial touch designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress, our therapists can accommodate your needs. 

Complimentary essential oils are available with each massage to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

Massage Add-Ons (extra fee)

Cupping Therapy:  $20

Hot Stones:  $20

Body Brushing:  $15

Hand, Foot, or Back Scrub: $15

Salt Mist Therapy: $20

Bhringaraj Hair Oil Treatment: $15


Pregnancy Massage

Relief from prenatal discomfort. Increases blood and lymph circulation, reduces swelling and stress on weight-bearing joints, and generates compassionate body awareness.


Couples Massage

Couples massage can be used as a way for you and a partner, loved one or friend, to spend quality time together. Also if a friend or partner is attending (massage) for his/her first time this is a great way to help them feel more at ease.


Hypnotic Sleep Massage & Sleep Counseling with Rebekah

Hypnotic Sleep Massage – 90 or 120 mins

90 min. – $157   120 min. – $187

Hypnotic Sleep Massage begins with a sleep assessment and the creation of your personalized sleep plan. Next, you’ll climb onto the warm table fully-dressed for an entrancing massage experience. We combine a rocking, rhythmic pressure with aromatherapy, music, and point work to kick start a better sleep pattern that night. Your session concludes with a soothing guided meditation.

Please note that this is a unique massage designed to engage your relaxation system. It does not include deep tissue techniques. However, if you select the Serene Sleeper Add-On you can turn any massage into a sleep massage.

Adult Sleep Coaching – 60 mins

Initial – $97   Follow-ups – $67

Become a serene sleeper with our simple yet effective sleep coaching method. We HELP you to get deeper, more serene sleep by employing the acronym “help”. H is for hygiene. E is for environment. L is for lifestyle. P is for prioritizing. By finding meaningful ways to tweak these fundamental sleep components, we set you up for sleep success that very night.

Serene Sleeper Add-On – 45 mins


Select this option to turn any massage into a sleep inspiring massage. Includes a sleep assessment, mini-coaching session and guided sleep meditation.

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