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Esthetics with Angela featuring Naturopathic





Customized for your personal needs this holistic facial uses proven botanical ingredients, probiotics, AHA and enzymes as well as plant stem cells and peptides to achieve a radiant skin as a reflection of inner health. After a careful analysis your esthetician will develop a personal treatment to achieve the instant results. This holistic facial includes a luxurious sculpting massage of the face, decollete and neck, plus arms/hands or scalp massage to release the tension, improve the blood flow and nourish your skin.


This holistic balancing treatment brings life back to skin. Customised for men’s skin care needs this facial effectively renews skin texture and tone, detoxifies, soothes and reveals a healthy younger looking skin. Includes relaxing detoxifying facial and sculp massage.

RELAX AND RESTORE  (75 min)  – $145

This healing and restorative facial provides a complete rejuvenation starting from immediate relief of tensed and stressed muscles by gentle exfoliating back massage . Using our CBD infused products we designed this facial to help you to relax while getting deeply clarifying, retexturing and regenerating all-natural treatment for your skin. It restores the skin’s protective barrier, hydrates and stimulates cellular renewal by all-natural enzymes and ANA.

COLLAGEN BOOST  (60 min) – $140

This anti-aging brightening facial gives the skin the glow it needs. It includes  Alpha-Beta gentle peel by Dr.Dennis Gross to exfoliate the dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin and clarify the pores, SpectraLite Pro LED treatment to help the collagen production, improve the skin density and smooth the wrinkles and a cooling contouring mask. Vitamin C boost brightens the complexion for increased radiance.


Gentle resurfacing treatment that includes diamond tip microdermabrasion and glycolic/lactic peel.

CINDERELLA FACIAL (25 min.) – $45

An enchanting journey-transformation from Cinderella to a Princess for little ones up to 12 years old using our “magical” natural products.Add-ons (additional 15 mins to above treatments): 

Add-ons -$20

Full face LED
Lip enhancement
Eye contour enhancement


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