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Acupuncture at YAM


Initial Acupuncture Treatment (1hr 45min)  —  $137

All clients will start off with this treatment, we will sit together for about 15 min to talk about your health history, current health practices and goals of treatment. This will be followed by a 1.5 hour front and back treatment which includes acupuncture, infrared heat lamp therapy, and tui na, a Chinese massage technique.

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment (1 hr 30 mins)  —  $137

This treatment session is meant for those who want a comprehensive front and back treatment which includes acupuncture, infrared heat lamp therapy, and tui na, a Chinese massage technique.

Acupuncture Treatment (2 hrs)  —  $187

This treatment session is the same as a Follow-up Treatment but includes one or a combination of the following modalities:

★ Abdominal Massage – to improve digestion, relieve cramps

★ Cupping – a modality that is used to bring strong circulation to different parts of the body that are particularly tense i.e. shoulders, IT bands, muscles along the spine

★ Moxabustion, aka “moxa” – a modality that involves burning mugwart (angelica chinesis) on the abdomen and other parts of the body to bring qi and blood circulation through the acupuncture channels of your body. It is commonly used to treat digestive issues and chronic pain.

How to prepare for your acupuncture treatment:

1) Wear comfortable clothing, be prepared to disrobe, we will provide you with a sheet or towel(s) to cover-up during treatment

2) Eat something before your treatment i.e. a small meal, a piece of fruit, a protein bar

3) Turn your cellphone OFF for the entirety of your self-care time

Kristine Preiser, L.Ac.

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